Thank you for your interest in Order of the Phoenix. Order of the Phoenix (OOP) is a RAID-ORIENTED guild located on the Saryrn server. The guild was created in April of 2000 and has been an established force in the community since that time. We welcome new members who are up to the challenge of joining our our ranks and sharing in the experiences and accomplishments of high-end encounters and investing in the well being of the guild. We believe in sharing and helping one another -- the guild is only as strong as the weakest member.

Outlined below are a list of requirements which need to be met before applying. If your application does not meet these minimum requirements listed below, it will be denied. If you are not able to commit 100% to our reflagging efforts to get you up to speed and are not able to dedicate yourself to the guild, perhaps OOP is not for you.

Level: 65
Class Matrix:
Class Name: Need: AA/AXP Guideline:
Beastlord Low ND3, MGB, Paragon
Cleric High HA3, HG3, MGB, SCM3, UD3, RC3, Purify Soul
Druid Low HA3, HG3, MGB, RC3, SOTW3
Enchanter None ND3, SCM3, CA3, LR5, Eldritch Rune, MGB
Rogue High SoS, Escape, PE, ND3, PP5, CF3, FoA3
Warrior None ND3, CA3, CS3, PP5, PD3, AoE Taunt
Wizard Low SCF3, SCFM, SCM3,
Resists: 100+ simultaneously (CR/FR/PR/DR/MR)
POP Flags: - Plane of Valor
- Plane of Storms
- Lair of Terris Thule
- Plane of Torment
- Plane of Tactics (Behemoth, not quest.)
- Crypt of Decay (Grummus, not quest.)
Other: - Instant Click Item (jboots, goblin earring, etc.)
- Shrinking Device (potion, tinkered, cobalt bracer, etc.)

After your application is submitted, you will generally receive a response within approximately 24 hours. You will receive more detailed instructions regarding the application and recruitment process via email if accepted. If you have any questions or concerns you would like to have address, please contact Be sure to include your character name and any other relevant information.

Thank you for your time and for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Order of the Phoenix Recruitment & Officers

This application form will be posted on our members private forum, and neither your name nor anyone who replies to your application will be visible to the public.

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