How do I join?

We welcome all players who are up to the challenge of joining our ranks. We are a brotherhood who enjoy advancement through high-end encounters and leveling. We believe in sharing and helping one another, as the guild is only as strong as the weakest member.

Level/Alternate Experience Requirements:
All classes requirements are Level 65. You must have at least 24 AXP unless otherwise specified for your class, i.e. Mass Group Buff (MGB) or Shroud of Stealth (SOS).

Class: AXP Need:
Bard ND3 Moderate
Beastlord ND3 High
Cleric MGB Low
Druid MGB Low
Enchanter MGB Low
Magician SCM3 High
Monk ND3 Low
Necromancer SCM3 Moderate
Paladin ND3 Moderate
Ranger ND3, EQ Low
Rogue ND3, SOS Low
Shadow Knight ND3 Moderate
Shaman MGB Low
Warrior ND3, AETaunt Low
Wizard SCM3 Low

Keys & Expansions:

You MUST have the Planes of Power expansion enabled on your account.

You MUST be flagged for Plane of Valor and Plane of Storms. This is the flag received through the Trials in Plane of Justice. If you do not have this flag, you will be REQUIRED to do so before you are permitted to join a raid as a recruit.

You MUST be actively working on your Vex Thal key. We would like you to have at least >> 5 << lucid shards before submitting your application. Please list your progress in the "Message" section of the application below. You will be required to complete the remaining shards during the first two to three weeks of your recruitment phase. If you are unfamiliar with this quest, please contact the recruitment chairperson for details.

You ARE REQUIRED to have a Ring of the Shissar to be considered for full-time membership. If you do not currently have the ring, then you will be required to complete the quest within the first two weeks of your recruitment phase. If you are unfamiliar with this quest, please contact the recruitment chairperson for details.

Equipment & Resists:

You MUST be able to attain 100 MR while boosting any of the other resists (FR/CR/DR/PR) over 100. This can be done quite easily through a well stocked resist bag with blue diamond jewelry.

You MUST have at least 1 instant-click item, for example: a shrunken goblin skull earring, jboots, etc. You MUST also have a shrinking device (gnomish tinkered, Cobalt bracer, etc.)

In General:

You must have two people who speak for you in the guild. You must not have offended the body of the guild in your prior actions. If you have done so through misunderstandings then it is up to you to seek out the people you have offended and make good.

If you meet the above requirements, then the following will happen:

You will be invited to raid with the guild when they occur. You will be temporarily tagged for the duration of the raid and asked to detag when it is complete. You may contact any guild member or join the recruitment channel for information on what is occurring when. This process will last roughly two to three weeks.

After your first few weeks as a recruit, you will be evaluated by the officers and if you pass, then you will be given a trial tag. This means that you may remain tagged <Order of the Phoenix> during and after raids. You will remain a trial member for roughly two to three weeks while we determine whether or not you will be asked to remain as a full-time member.

After your trial phase is complete, you will be notified by an officer of the guild that you have been promoted to a full time member with all rights and privileges therein.

Note: You may or may not receive any items during your recruitment. We ascribe to a DKP /merit system which is based on participation in raids for the guild and what activities you do to help the guild.

Zhareen & Giggy
Order of the Phoenix Recruitment

This application form will be posted on our members private forum, and neither your name nor anyone who replies to your application will be visible to the public.

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